Locus of Control and Hiring

What we look for in applicants

At Midas Technologies, amid an atmosphere brimming with innovation and productivity, there lies a foundational belief: the profound influence of an internal locus of control. This belief goes beyond buzzwords and stands at the heart of our hiring philosophy.

The locus of control concept, introduced by Julian B. Rotter in the 1950s, pertains to an individual’s perception of what influences life events. Some attribute their outcomes to external forces like fate or luck. In contrast, those with an internal locus of control firmly believe their actions, decisions, and determination shape their future.

So, why does this belief play a pivotal role in our hiring at Midas?

People with a dominant internal locus of control are inherently self-motivated. Their conviction that their actions matter drives them to initiate and achieve beyond what’s expected. Their resilience shines brightly, especially during challenges, as they seek solutions rather than placing blame on externalities.

Their commitment to personal growth, stemming from the idea that their own development can alter life trajectories, resonates with our ethos at Midas. Such individuals naturally prioritize responsibility, transparent communication, and teamwork.

Importantly, an internal locus of control isn’t set in stone; it can be cultivated. Our goal at Midas is not just to recognize this trait but to actively nurture it. Through challenges, constructive feedback, and fostering a reflective mindset, we aim to strengthen this empowering belief in our team.

Midas’s commitment to the internal locus of control goes beyond acknowledging the role of external forces. It’s a celebration of individual determination and the conviction that one’s actions truly matter. We’re not just looking for employees at Midas; we’re seeking visionaries ready to shape the future. If this resonates, you could be the change-maker we’re searching for.

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